Bacteria, bacteria everywhere,
Kombucha’s the drop to drink!

Forgive my corny adaptation of Coleridge’s poem, well know for its reference to “water everywhere”, but that’s exactly what Kombucha is - a fermentation of sweetened tea, the result of billions of bacteria and yeast cultures at work.

To make Kombucha, you must have a SCOBY -the acronym for Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast. It's the drop to drink for so many reasons. Starting point, the gut.

From a big-picture point of view its benefits the second brain of our bodies, our gut. Our gut is referred to as the second brain because neuro-transmitters are actually formed in our guts. There is an intimate link between the our brain and our gut, the physical connector being the vagus nerve. Information from our inner organs (including our gut, liver) is carried to our brain through the vagus nerve as a function of the parasympathetic nervous system.

Good gut health is essential to the overall wellbeing of our bodies, moderated by our brains. Poor gut health leads to the body playing catch-up, and when it cannot keep up, the body loses the self-healing game and deteriorates. Of course this is putting it simply; but from a big-picture, this is the general idea for why maintaining good gut health is essential for the body’s organs to function properly.