Kitchen Planning Is Key

The Kitchen is the SOUL of any home. Lovingly prepared meals nourish the body and the body gives us life. Our very existence.

From that point, the art of living begins. Living consumes us – how we fill our personal spaces, the people and activities we make important, the choices we take as we grow [older!]. Truly food brings people together. To me, when family and friends gather at home, I want to ensure that the food they eat is respectful of their choices and constitutions. They should leave with a feeling of being looked after.

What’s in our kitchen is crucial. The foods, the tools, the people.

I explore approaches to choosing ingredients and the many ways to prepare them for a meal. I look at their healing properties, and make sure, once prepared, they taste good too.

I look at what we are putting into our food shopping trolleys and bringing into our homes. Even if we develop the habit of reading the ingredient list of packaged food, we don’t alway know what lurks within those ingredient items, or even, what these ingredients even mean? What are the items labelled as “natural” actually comprised of? Obviously, the way around this would be to buy whole foods, but is it even enough to look for whole foods unless we are growing it ourselves? What is the cost of this? How much attention do we need to give? (see also Kitchen sub-menu Heal Your Meal)

I share recipes that are primarily gluten free, and where possible, dairy free. I also have three young children who, like me, have allergies. They fuss, but they have to adapt. It is my hope that they see meal adaptation as something they can manage on their own, in time. Constant police-ing does not work, they must learn how to be responsible for what goes into their mouths. I share children-tested recipes and hope they work in your home too.

I love kitchen gadgets and share some on my favourites. I love that someone came up with a tool for a specific purpose, one that makes food preparation interesting and fun, while supporting the ultimate purpose of eating well.

See also Kitchen sub-menu Gut Health