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Logan and Priya met through a personal development course in 2006. After a rigorous six-month program, and monthly meet-ups over the next 12 years to build the muscle of what it takes to expand lives, Logan and Priya have a relationship that is based on a unwavering and trusting friendship, each committed to the success of what the other sets out for him/her-self.

This space seeks to develop on their individual strengths …

Priya was in legal practice up to 2009. Now, with three athletic school-going children, she focuses on creating a healthy and nurturing home environment for her family. She and the children suffer varying degrees and forms of allergies. As a wife and mother, Priya has had to modify the home environment, particularly the kitchen, so that each will be enabled to thrive at their respective optimums while still enjoying the foods and activities they love the most.

Logan is a trained accountant and a successful entrepreneur of luxury lifestyle brands. Currently based in Hong Kong, he has spent time living in Korea and Italy.

Neither are research scientists nor medically-trained. Assertions are based on their individual personal experiences. They firmly believe that everyone is different and ‘no one-size fits all‘. What is reflected in this space is not scientific fact based on an adequate cross-section of society with necessary controls in place. Its based on their individual experiences and what they have discovered works for them in the context of healthy living.

We share because it may make a difference to you.

We share because it may present a new idea or approach for you to try on, and create choices in how you decide to life your life. 

We share because it may enrich your life.

In return we hope to learn from you too. We seek your contribution through ‘Comments‘  for it is through different perspectives that we learn. We ask only that your ‘Comments’ contribute constructively to this space.

We invite you to be part of our T.R.I.B.E. where

The Right Interaction Brings Enlightenment to all of us!

Our Approach

We love to travel, we love good food and we care about our health.

And we want to share … because we think it might interest you to know.

Sharing creates a new opening for another – be it a travel destination, the choice to prepare a meal that works for your body, or having the choice of taking a ‘healing path’.

Its about living well, authentically, while having respect for the environment and honouring your body all at the same time.

This is us! (Jan 2018)
This is us! (Jan 2018)

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