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As Creatures of Nature, we are dependant on Nature.

Yet do we look to Nature  enough? What are we feeding our human cells? How do we expect our bodies to respond to environment forces? Is what we are impacted by truly beyond our control?

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Social Culture, Blood Culture, Food Culture, Kombucha Culture! It is the embodiment of life.

Learn about the work of the SCOBY and how Kombucha can work wonders for your body.

The Food Focus element looks at what shapes our food purchase choices and eating habits. Energy looks at how what surrounds us impacts our body. 

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What’s Your Next Adventure?

We share travel stories that may appeal to the adventurous savvy adult or travelling with children. Our stories go back to Nature, are curious about Cultures and highlight unusual activities that may appeal.

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Call To Action – The T.R.I.B.E. Way

We invite you to be part of our T . R . I . B . E . where

The Right Interaction Brings Enlightenment

In return we hope to learn from you too. We seek your contribution through ‘Comments’ for it is through different points of view and shared knowledge that we grow.

We ask only that your ‘Comments’ to posts contribute constructively and/or positively to this space. It is our objective to add value to each other’s lives.


Next Steps…

We would love to hear from you if T.R.I.B.E. resonates with you. Share your space and discoveries with us by email. Embrace the spirit of Ayni!

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